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Father Stephen's plain
Song ringing down the ages  
And through church tonight 

Nurses the old Cross 
Up to be venerated,
Catches in our throats.
I think to kneel but  
Never kiss It, no, not me! 
(Too much ritual!)

Then, just like that, It 
Rises to kiss me. Oh, God! 
"Yes, feel my Passion!"
I return home and start straightening up, glad it is quiet and I'm alone. Tears spring up, then I'm really weeping.... What's this?! 
Clothes agree to fold away, old papers bow before my shredder.... 

Good Friday gives us the one day when we can grieve to the depths of our souls. For all our positive thinking and knowing that Love is the key, on this day the Light goes out, darkness descends and some of the little goods we wanted so much, and tried hard to bring about ... just do not come to pass. 

Spirit has another plan. With the Gospel saying Jesus accepted his destiny, even as near the end he asked to be spared, so we too learn some things must die -- a loved one, a relationship, the bloom of youth, a cherished aspiration.... 

With the words, "Father, thy will be done..." the Passion ends. We let go .... and trust that with the dawn the Light will lift us to a new, an unimagined and far better place.

It always does.... 

Haiku and Reflection, Anonymous.
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