Religious Education 
Top: Chris Miller, Director of Religious Education for Adults with "graduates."
Left: an adult Baptism. For information: cmiller2925@aol.com. For Children's Religious Education, see John Broderick, clergy, staff, activities.
"I am so thankful for St. Gregory's Religious Education Class for adults. I had known about God's power all my life, but it was Chris' s class that actually put His hand in mine. It helped me reach out ... to find that He is there! 

The Sunday afternoon lessons are inspiring and fun. I use the little cards with Bible quotes and affirmations, that Chris had us pick at random, to this very day. And I made true friends of several people I met in the class. 

Most importantly, this class led to my Baptism -- as a notably older adult --and to being happier than I ever dreamed I could be. Now I have a fail-safe, intimate relationship with God, and ways, through the Sacraments, to stay centered in His love." 

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